Can You Cover Up Eczema On Your Face?

Can You Cover Up Eczema On Your Face?

Eczema isn’t fun to begin with. Add makeup or cover up to the mix, and it can get ten times worse. That’s why it’s important to only put products on your face that won’t irritate your skin. It is possible to reduce the appearance of an eczema breakout without making things worse. You just need to know the right way to do it.

Here are some of the best ways to cover up eczema on your face. Everyone’s skin is different, so make sure to speak with your aesthetician or dermatologist before trying these methods.

Keep Your Concealer Creamy

Powdery concealer and blush can get stuck in the patches of dry skin on your face, making your eczema more apparent. Switch to cream-based concealers for a smooth cover up experience. When you’re looking for concealer and blushes, pick ones that include shea butter, glycerin or lanolin. These soothing ingredients keep your skin moisturized, improving the appearance of your eczema and speeding up the healing process.

Avoid concealers and other makeup that include glycolic acid, retinol and salicylic acid in the ingredients. These can dry out your skin or irritate it. You should also stop buying makeup that is fragranced or contains preservatives like methylparaben or butylparaben.

Cover Up with a Cotton or Linen Turtleneck

The easiest way to cover up eczema that spills onto your neck from your face is with a turtleneck. But don’t go out buying just any turtleneck. You need to look for material that won’t irritate your eczema and will let your skin breathe. Cotton and linen are the answer. Both materials are natural fibers, allowing your skin to breathe. Linen is also non-allergenic, making it perfect for people who suffer with eczema or other skin conditions.

Balance with Bronzer

Blush can bring out the redness of eczema in your face. Instead of blushing up your cheeks, try using a bronzer. The bronze color should balance out the red patches of eczema while creating a natural glow. Apply bronzer to the areas where your face naturally gets the sun.

Ditch the Brush

Whether you know it or not, your makeup brushes are likely filled with bacteria that can irritate your skin. The best thing you can use while applying makeup on your face is your fingers. Clean your fingers, apply the makeup to your finger and then pat the makeup onto your face.

Nobody has to know when you have an eczema breakout. Contact us to learn more about how to cover up eczema and treat it with medical-grade products! We would love to help put you on the path to smooth, beautiful skin.