Dermaplaning vs Shaving At Home: Female Facial Hair

Dermaplaning vs Shaving At Home: Female Facial Hair

When it comes to shaving, men are expected to take a razor to their facial hairs every day. But if women shave their face, it’s considered by many to be an unnatural phenomenon. We’re here to help debunk that idea. Some of the most iconic beauties of the world removed hair from their face for a smoother look, including Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. Regular facial shaving or dermaplaning will leave your face looking better than ever! But which is better for your particular face?

What are the Benefits of Facial Hair Removal for Women?

Whether you have hair on your upper lip or peach fuzz across your chin, shaving or dermaplaning your face can enhance your appearance. Many women are afraid that removing hair will lead to darker and thicker hair growing back. But this isn’t true. In reality, the same exact hairs re-grow with the same texture and at the same rate as before you shaved. You shouldn’t see any unsightly stubble like men have.

Not only do shaving and dermaplaning leave you hairless for a period of time, but they also leave you with a smooth complexion. Many people notice that they receive more compliments on their face after removing facial hair. This is because shaving can also trigger increased skin cell turnover and mildly exfoliates your skin, while dermaplaning provides a deeper and more targeted exfoliation.

What’s the Difference Between Shaving Your Face and Dermaplaning?

Two of the most common ways women remove their facial hair are shaving and dermaplaning. In reality, dermaplaning and shaving are very different treatments. Dermaplaning involves exfoliating your epidermis, as well as removing peach fuzz, with a sharp surgical blade and can be performed by one of our expert estheticians at True Skin Care Center.

During a dermaplaning treatment, your esthetician will scrape off the dead skin cells at the surface of your skin, providing you with a much more effective exfoliation treatment. This leads to smoother skin and a hairless, brighter complexion!

Dermaplaning vs Shaving: Which is Better?

If you have excess hair, receiving a dermaplaning treatment from a professional will likely be more effective than shaving at home. Professional dermaplaning removes dirt and oil buildup in your hair follicles, which often occurs if you have excess hair on your face. Dermaplaning also provides much better exfoliation, which in turn leads to a smoother and brighter complexion. Here are all the amazing ways dermaplaning helps your face:

  • Softens rough skin, leaving your face looking and feeling smooth
  • Brightens your skin tone
  • Improves superficial hyperpigmentation
  • Helps improve the appearance of mild scars
  • Softens the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

If you’re looking to simply get rid of your peach fuzz or upper lip hair, shaving may be a good option for you. However, be wary of razor burns and ingrown hairs.

See the subtle yet transformative effects of dermaplaning for yourself! Our expert estheticians provide gentle and effective dermaplaning treatments to give your skin a beautiful glow. Contact us to book an appointment today!