Meet Joanie

joanie estheticianBeauty, fashion, makeup and customer service tell the story of Joanie’s career for the last 25 years. During which, she has served as a model, makeup artist to film and fashion sets, a customer service rep in the airline industry, and an esthetician! Each profession played a vital role in molding her to becoming the consummate esthetics professional.

Being an esthetician is her true calling and what has allowed her to combine beauty with science. Prior to Joanie’s career at True Skin Care Center, she served as an esthetician to two high-end Gold Coast spas. But she found her home here; a place where she has access to cutting edge skin care technology. True Skin is housed in a client-focused environment with emphasis on evaluating the face as a whole, all while taking into consideration client needs and expectations. The goal is to treat from the inside out.

Joanie is well-known for her gentle, yet effective chemical peel techniques. Her nurturing touch has earned her quite the reputation with facials and manual lymph drainage treatments. Often referred to as the “Lymphatic Drainage Queen,” Joanie teaches an introductory MLD class for True U Education. Additionally, her makeup background makes her able to address post-care makeup concerns for surgical patients. She can also prep brides for their nuptials with makeup tips and skin care treatments!

Outside of her commitment to her clients, Joanie’s passion lies in spending time with her family. Despite sometimes hectic schedules, she and her restauranteur husband make it a point to attend as many of their daughters’ varsity basketball games as possible!